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A definitive guide to the fantasy kingdom of Salerin, this wiki lists the varying and diverse geography, history, ecology and demography of the nation. This website serves as an information repository for this world, which I created both as a creative exercise and as a setting for various Dungeons and Dragons adventures. You are free to use this world for whatever you like, just maybe give me credit for it.

Mount Seltang Summit

The summit of Mount Seltang, the tallest mountain Salerin at 21,699 feet.

What is this?

This wiki contains all the information one would ever want to know about Salerin, including its diverse geography, bountiful wildlife, varied demographics, many settlements, and complex hydrology. All are written down in a very easy to view and easy to manage format typical of wikis. All pages are linked to one another to aid user navigation.

It should be noted that this is not a collaborative project. Because the people who run Wikia are idiots that don't allow private wikis, this is open for anyone to read. Needless to say, all pages will be locked so that only I can edit them and the creation of new pages is strictly forbidden. Perhaps I'll allow collaborative editing sometime in the future, but for now it is not to happen.

Sang River Banks

The banks of the Sang River, the third longest in Salerin

What is Salerin?

Salerin is an independent nation-state and kingdom located on the eastern coast of the continent of Talindor. As of now, I have no plans to detail the other countries Salerin borders, or any other places outside of the kingdom itself. Salerin is a fairly large place about two and a half times the size of Germany, with a diverse geography that ranges from alpine mountains to subtropical forests to wide-open plains to subarctic boreal forests. The capital and largest city, Salinger, is home to tens of thousands of people and is the cultural heart of Salerin.

Spanning over 533 thousand square miles and measuring over a thousand miles from its southernmost point at Cape Sattery to its northernmost point, in northern Ilindor, Salerin spans a variety of climatic zones. On the southern coastline with the Candabrian Ocean, where most of the population resides, the climate is a temperate rainforest with heavy rainfall and plentiful vegetation. The central regions of Salerin are mostly temperate forests with the occasional bog. While southwestern Salerin is most plains tilled to become farmland, the northern regions become a nearly subarctic boreal forests with many lakes and several rugged mountain ranges. Here very few people reside.

Salerin Blank Standard

A blank map of Salerin showing duchy boundaries.

Salerin is divided into 8 duchies, each ruled by a Duke or Duchess. The nation itself is ruled by a King or Queen, a hereditary title passed onto the firstborn son of the current ruler. Duchies are further divided into counties, ruled by Counts or Countesses, who are appointed by the ruler of the duchy. The political system of Salerin is complicated, but suffice it to say, it does involve a Senate that makes and passes laws, representatives sent from the duchies, and a 'checks and balances' relationship between the various levels of government.

Here are some brief facts regarding Salerin:

  • It has a land area of 553,801 square miles.
  • It has a population of 7,655,825.
  • It is divided into duchies, the largest and smallest of which are Ilindor (148,717 sq. miles) and Dolohor (25,626 sq. miles), respectively. The most and least populated are Eogan (2,461,598) and Shindlough (302,900), respectively.

Note on Images

Images of landscapes on Earth are often used on this wiki. Most, although not all, are pulled from the Wikimedia Commons, an amazing website that distributes free to use images. If you wish to find the source of the images, simply do a reverse Google Images search hand it should turn up. Some pictures are ones taken by myself as well

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