The Independent Kingdom of Salerin, commonly referred to as Salerin, is an kingdom on the eastern coast of Talindor. Spanning over 500 thousand square miles and home to over 7 million people, Salerin is the largest nation in its area and has a wide variety of climatic zones and cultural groups. From the capital city of Salinger, Salerin is ruled by a King or Queen, which is a hereditary title. Although it mostly lies in the temperate geography zone, Salerin has a distinct variety of climates, but has an overall rugged landscape.

Salerin is encircled by a series of mountain ranges to the east which also spill into the country itself. Divided into a series of geographic regions, Salerin is known for its rugged and uninhabited north, temperate interior, heavily populated and farmed southwest, and wet, densely populated southern coast. The Saconic Mountains largely divide Salerin in half, creating a big distinction between southern Salerin and northern Salerin. Other mountain ranges include the Oritian Mountains, which form much of the country's eastern border, and the Vingan Mountains in the north. The country's tallest point is the summit of Mount Seltang, standing over 21 thousand feet above sea level, and its lowest mount is the Gorabac Depression, which reaches 10 feet below sea level at points.

Salerin's government largest revolves around two systems: the Senate, which has most executive power and passes most laws, and the current King or Queen of the time, who is constitutionally restricted in some powers but is still very powerful. Salerin's military is comprised of 78,771 active servicemen, and just under 1 million reserves only called into service during wartime. 3 years of some form of military service is required by all men once they turn 18. Divided into 8 duchies, Salerin's administrative divisions hold a high degree of autonomy, but the national government can still overturn many decisions and the King or Queen can appoint Dukes or Duchesses at their own whims.

Salerin is home to 7,654,489, most of which lived in the southern half of the country. The north is sparsely inhabited. With an average population density of 39 people per square kilometer, Salerin is average for a country of its size.


The etymology of the word Salerin is largely unknown. It is known, however, that it stems from the word Salinger, the capital and largest city in Salerin. It definitely comes from Old Saleric, the ancestor of the modern Saleric language. The word may stem from the Older Saleric root suler, meaning land or territory. Other proposals include the Elvish word samyer, meaning forest.


Salerin has a a varied and mixed geography, ranging from temperate rainforests in the south to boreal woodlands in the north. Overall, the nation has a temperate climate, on average having significant or moderate differences between seasons. The most frigid areas of the country lie in northern Ilindor, where the temperature can often plummet to far below freezing in the wintertime. In the southwest, summer highs can be scalding.

Salerin is known for its rugged terrain. The Saconic Mountains, which run through the center of the country, effectively bisecting it, are home to some of the country's highest peeks including Mount Seltang. The Oritian Mountains form the entirety of Salerin's eastern border with neighboring Cathran. The Vingan Mountains, less high than the other mountain ranges, are located in the north and are heavily underpopulated. Other highlands including the Comarcs, in the south-central regions of Salerin, and the Coastal Ranges, contribute to the country's rugged topography.

Salerin has an astounding number of lakes; the largest, Lake Ethlond, has an area of 4,488 square miles and is the commercial heart of the entire Somac Valley within which it lies. The second largest lake, Lake Madrina, is also in the Somac Valley. Most of Salerin's lakes are concentrated in the north, where the many endorheic basins lend themselves to small but numerous lakes forming. Salerin has thousands of miles of rivers and streams also within its borders; the longest is the Tandace River; the longest running fully within Salerin is the Sangan.


Main article: Government of Salerin

Salerin is a constitutional monarchy whereby the monarch, the current of which is Sandace IV of from the House of Ecthelion, holds much executive power but is restricted under the Salerish Constitution, the supreme law of the land written hundreds of years ago. The monarch seldom makes decisions and passes laws; it is well known that Salerish monarchs are lazy in nature, spending most of their time devoted to leisure, leaving the lawmaking to the other matters to other political bodies.

Salerin's political system is divided into 3 branches: the legislative, executive and judicial. The monarch holds most of the executive power, although most of the power is frequently passed down to the Despot of Salerin, a person appointed by the king personally. The legislative branch is headed by the Senate in conjunction with the Legislature, who together pass most laws. These groups are both located within Parliament atop Mount Landace, just outside the capital city of Salinger.

Judicial power is given to the High Court, a group of thirteen judges who resolve national disputes of law and can overturn rulings by other, smaller judges. Judges on the High Court are appointed by the Senate and Legislature who together decide judges. However, the monarch and Despot can, also in conjunction with one another, overturn these decisions.

Administrative divisions

Main article: Administrative divisions of Salerin

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